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July 14

What Kindness Is and What It Is Not

By Victoria Braverman Take the following scenarios. Which one(s) would you say is an act of kindness? You see an old woman struggling with her bags of shopping. You approach her and ask if she needs help. You see an old woman struggling with her bags of shopping. You imagine how difficult it must be […]

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Building Lasting Happiness: How Kindness Can Help

You’ve always loved shopping; the experience of going out, spending some money on clothes to look better or on a new gadget has always lifted your mood. It has always worked after bad day or a sad event. And it doesn’t work just for you – it’s a trick that many of us use to […]

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Karma meets Kindness – The Robin Hood Restaurant story

Kindness boosts happiness, and a lot of other good things, here is a story about kindness the robin hood way. In a side street, near the center of Madrid Spain there is a special innovative restaurant. It might seem a typical Spanish bar at first but there is whole lot of deepness in it. It […]

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Stories of Kindness: Public Refrigerators for Those in Need

These are the kind of stories that we love to tell – and that we should actually share more often -, the kind of stories that inspire us to go out there and do something for others, to be kinder, to care more. Some of these stories stick, they start in one place and soon […]

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What We’ve Learnt About The Olympics: Kindness Beats Competition

Gold, silver, bronze and… a medal for kindness. Yes, the Olympic Games at Rio are over and have left us with probably the most important prize: to human integrity and sportsmanship. It is always good to learn about random acts of kindness, especially in unexpected contexts. For our section “Uplifting Stories of Kindness”, we are […]

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