Yesterday's happiness
June 14

Understand your happiness

see exactly when are you happy,
what makes you happy,
your happiness progress,
mood changes,
special patterns and more.
be mindful



see interesting insights about your life

how is your sleep connected to your happiness
how is your kindness connected to your general mood
which days you feel the best
how is your nutrition affecting your happiness
and many more insights
be mindful



track your life

the more you track your life’s data, the better the insights you can get. when you keep tracking regularly you can actually see your life in front of you in a cool way and more important really engage your happiness. tracking is easy and fun… be mindful



Increasing happiness is no longer a mere spiritual thing. Its scientifically based. In the latest years science made a great shift into positive psychology, often referred to as the science of happiness. What is happiness? There are many definitions and explanations to happiness. We like this one: how good you feel on your routine daily basis together with how satisfied you are with your life (work, relationships, sleep, nutrition and more).


Science shows we have the ability to control how we feel and gradually increase our happiness, but it’s not magic, it requires consistent practice and patience, buts it’s sure possible! is a unqiue project to help you understand and engage your happiness by tracking your routine day to day feelings, actions and happiness level, analyze them and gain important insights of how and what to improve. is a project by logo



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