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July 15

Why Happiness is Difficult to Define

Happiness is a hugely important part of a great life. It’s tough to define, but we know it’s absence when it’s gone. Learning to define and discover your own sense of happiness is important when it comes to building the lifestyle you really want to be living. Here’s why happiness is so difficult to define. […]

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Connecting with your friends & understanding happiness together

Understand happiness together with friends! See how happy your friends are, send them hugs, get their support, and become kinder together. The journey to a happier life is in this great happiness app!

How happy are you with your life?

Have you noticed how many people today lead their lives on autopilot, not even paying much attention to their feelings, and somehow absents from themselves? Does this ring a bell?



Becoming aware of your feelings is a happiness app based on the concept of mindful living. It will encourage you to be present, to pay attention to yourself and your surroundings, and to take notice of your feelings – the first stepping stones to happiness.



Taking action

The Dalai Lama said that happiness is not something ready-made but that it comes from our own actions. Now you’ll be able to track how you feel about various aspects of your life on your iPhone in just 1 minute a day. You’ll get interesting insights about your life so you can take action and improve it.



Best ever

How many days in a row can you be happy? Or Sleep well? Or spreading Kindness? Manage your own records in life and try to better them.



Gratitude Journal

Success is having what you want, Happiness is wanting what you already have. In other words, being grateful to what you have in life will make you happier. Or try the best Gratitude app.



Bucket list

What would you like to achieve before you die? Sounds heavy but when you really think about it, it can be a good thing. We are all going to die, not our choice, but we can choose how to live. How to manage our lives in a good way, a good direction.



The Science behind it

Happiness algorithm has a sophisticated alogrithm which calculates your happiness level at any time, based on your tracked data. it’s being constantly updated and improved.

Insights engine insights engine will generate meaningful insights about your life from your tracked data. learn what makes you happy, when, how and much more.

Tracking UI

the more you track your life’s activity & data, the more smart insights can generate. its easy and fun to keep tracking your life’s data on a regular basis.

Inspiration is based on new scientific approach, positive and happiness theories, like:

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