Kindness boosts happiness, and a lot of other good things, here is a story about kindness the robin hood way.

In a side street, near the center of Madrid Spain there is a special innovative restaurant. It might seem a typical Spanish bar at first but there is whole lot of deepness in it. It is indeed a typical Spanish restaurant during the day, you can come and dine some great croquetas and have a good coffee. But at evening this special restaurant transforms itself into a free, welcoming dining place to the needed. Homeless and other needy people can come, sit and enjoy dinner, crystal glass wine, dessert in a great atmosphere absolutely for free.
The restaurant feeds dozens of needy people each night!

Its that simple and innovate – ‘regular’ and wealth diners enjoy good meals and coffee during breakfast and lunch, which fund the 100% free dinner for the needed. Ha.
Dinner is being served to the needy by volunteers, right in the center of Madrid. Charging the ‘rich’ and feeding the poor is this restaurant innovation in kindness.
This means A LOT for homeless people, simple and kind, the Robin Hood way 🙂

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Kindness will save the world!