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June 14

What We’ve Learnt About The Olympics: Kindness Beats Competition

Gold, silver, bronze and… a medal for kindness. Yes, the Olympic Games at Rio are over and have left us with probably the most important prize: to human integrity and sportsmanship. It is always good to learn about random acts of kindness, especially in unexpected contexts. For our section “Uplifting Stories of Kindness”, we are […]

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A Father and His Autistic Son Bring the Power of Music to the Homeless

As part of our mission to spread stories of random acts of kindness, we want to share Pauly’s Project. Paul Avila tells that when he was young he would go with his mother to Los Angeles’ skid row to bring food and clothes for his uncle, and that during his life, he never forgot how […]

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Uplifting stories: the homeless man, his dog, and the helper

In an earlier article, we showed the scientifically-backed reasons why being kind can make us happy. We found research that states that kindness is contagious and if more acts of kindness were shown in the media, people would start to respond and be kinder. Challenge accepted 🙂 A few days ago we came across the story […]

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