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July 14

Why happiness is an ongoing process

What is happiness? The definition would seem to be subjective, depending on who one asks and what makes one happy. Is happiness a state of being or is it a process? What is Happiness? The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy suggests that happiness can either be a state of mind or a life that goes well […]

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Affluenza and Why Comfort Rarely Equals Happiness

Affluenza is what you get when laziness, expectation and lack of struggle take over. It’s luxury killing tenacity and breeding too much time to develop mental health issues and self-obsession. In short, it’s a rich person’s disease, and it’s getting more and more common. You might think so what, rich kids getting a little problem […]

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Everyone Has Their Own Unique Definition of Happiness, You just have to Find Yours

Happiness is often treated as this single, fixed goal, towards which everyone is moving, but what if it is a vastly more individualistic, internal struggle? What if there is more than one kind of happiness out there? What is Happiness? The pursuit of happiness has always been a big thing in all cultures, even the […]

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Chasing Happiness is Futile – Address What’s Wrong in Your Life

We all want to be happier and more well-adjusted, and looking for ways to achieve that is a positive thing, but not when you’re not targeting the right issues in your life. Chasing happiness through shallow, temporary measures is futile if you’re unhappy in your job, relationship, and friendships. You cannot fix a bad marriage […]

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Is ‘Happiness’ Worth the Struggle?

That’s right. We need to be happy and if at the end of our life we want to look back and feel that everything was worth the effort. But happiness shouldn’t be the goal per se. This idea may trash all your thoughts about life and what you need to accomplish to reach a state […]

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