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April 16

Why Happiness is Difficult to Define

Happiness is a hugely important part of a great life. It’s tough to define, but we know it’s absence when it’s gone. Learning to define and discover your own sense of happiness is important when it comes to building the lifestyle you really want to be living. Here’s why happiness is so difficult to define. […]

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Is Happiness Our Natural State?

A lot of people nowadays believe that slipping into states of depression and anxiety is the norm. That is simply the way we humans have always been, and that happiness is some hard to reach state, that most of us never see. That’s not the case, here’s why happiness was and can be again our […]

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Top 5 Foods to “Eat Yourself Happy”

We all know the impact our diet has on our physical health, but how much do we know about the effect of our nutrition on our mental health? Felice Jacka, associate professor, psychiatric epidemiologist and director of the Food and Mood Centre at Deakin University, and Chloe McLeod, an accredited practising dietitian, spoke to The […]

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