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You also need to distance your self-esteem, image and pride. If you’re constantly wounded personally by every setback, it’ll be even harder. True happiness involves accepting yourself, and learning to embrace your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses.

If you’re constantly wounded personally by every setback, it’ll be even harder.

Boost Your Home life

The old (and admittedly a little outdated) phrase ‘behind every great man is a great woman’ does have some merit still. But it’s not just about your partner. It’s about your whole home life. Family, friends, relationships. It’s all crucial to a happy and lengthy career, and one of the best ways to boost your home life is by being happier.

When you’re happier you’re less stuck in your own head. Depressed people have the unfortunate tendency to be extremely self-absorbed, which never helps their predicament, but simply isolates them more. If you’re unhappy, chances are you’re much more insular than you would be otherwise.

Being happier allows you to reach out and notice your family, loved ones and friends more. It helps you be more grateful and honest with everything they do for you. People love being noticed, and hate being taken for granted so this can really help your relationships flourish.

Knowing, with an honest and clear certainty, that your friendships, relationships and family are all doing fine, and you’re as connected and vital to people as they are to you, can really let you relax and get on with your work, knowing that the people that matter to you are getting what they need from you.

But Your Career is Also Crucial to Happiness

The inverse is most definitely also true. We all need to feel we’ve got a purpose. We need to feel we’re aimed in a direction we want to go. We all want to provide, and grow as a person, both financially, and integrally. We want to become someone of repute and authority, on whom people count.

You can’t achieve any of that in a career you hate. You have to be in an industry which at the very minimum you like, and enjoy. You need co-workers you can get on with to some degree. It all needs to come together to guarantee you the easiest path to success.

But it is a path, and not a destination. Happiness, success, whatever you want to call it. You will never suddenly look up, and say ‘that’s it, I’ve done it, I’m successful’ or happy, or whatever. We as humans are never totally content, and that’s okay. You just need to appreciate that we’re all in it for the long haul.

Picking the right career can help you grow into the happy and successful person you want to be, with minimal struggle and doubt. It can do anyone good to feel they have a purpose, in an industry they like or love.

The Path to Happiness

Here’s the tricky part. How do you go about achieving that evasive thing, happiness? In our experience, it has to be a multifaceted approach.

You have to directly attack things that make you unhappy, be they career, relationships, the shape you’re in, and change or alter your expectations. Tackle toxic relationships, change careers, hit the gym or learn to love the flab. Do whatever it takes to eliminate things in your life which are hurting you.

It’s not always that simple though. For example, it can often not be entirely clear why you’re not bursting with joy all the time. That’s what meditation is for. A huge percentage of the most successful men and women on the planet practice some form of meditation every single day.

It really helps, it can clear your thoughts, allowing you to think clearly, or just deal with stress. It can even make you happier by itself. Meditating a little in the mornings, even ten minutes a day, can help you work out where you’re going wrong, and amend that.

You might feel you’re stagnating. That means it’s time to try something totally new. Learn a language, an instrument, a new sport. Set huge, difficult goals, and try hard, and sometimes fail magnificently, because trying hard and becoming competitive and passionate can be its own medicine.

Helpful Tricks

While there’s no shortcut to happiness, sadly, there are a couple of things you can do to make things easier for yourself. Diet, for example.

If you’re eating better, you’re going to feel better. Don’t sit there wondering why you feel so rubbish when you’ve eaten fast food for the last seven meals. Use an app to stay on track of your happiness and progress, such as, because it’s too easy to lose interest in a goal when there’s no tangible results.