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June 14

Redefining Happiness is the Only Way to Become Content with Your Life – Here’s Why

Happiness as a lasting and consistent part of your life can often seem a million miles away, and there’s generally a solid reason for that. You’re going about it all wrong. If your goals are wrong, then you’re never going to reach where you really want to be. There’s lot of different ways to achieve […]

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Why Most People Will Never Achieve True Happiness

If you ask the first few people you walk into on the street what they want out of life, providing they don’t want to see materialistic or lustful (e.g. I want a Ferrari, girls, Jason Momoa, etc.), they’re going to say they want happiness. People use happiness to justify all kinds of things: “Oh well, […]

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Why Forgiveness is Important…

… and What Happens to Our Body, Mind and Health When We Harbour Resentment? There’s no benefit to holding grudges. It’s probably best to get that statement out of the way quickly. Grudges benefit no-one, and what’s more, they rarely actually punish the supposed wrongdoer. They just end up sitting in someone’s mind, making them […]

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Here and Now: Less Stress for More Happiness

We’re living in tremulous times. It may seem like the world is in upheaval: the financial markets, housing markets and mortgages, and larger world issues that affect us here at home. They affect our relationships, our peace of mind and our well being, and they all create stress in our lives. Stress affects our sleep, […]

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Stress Management – “Downshifting” is the key

Higher, faster, farther: the more ambitious one’s goals are, the higher the stress levels and, at the same time, the desire for a simpler life. Having a fancy car, a bigger house, a prestigious job come at a high price. But does it have to be like that? How can we get out of the […]

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“I’m Always Tired” – Learn How to Replenish Your Energy

Being tired all the time is now such a common, everyday comment people make that we are already talking about it as a syndrome, the TATT (“tired all the time”) syndrome. We can’t deny that today we want to be everywhere – we respond immediately to any WhatsApp beep, we try hard to meet our […]

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