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May 21

The science of happiness: why being kind feels good

Often, when we are not fully satisfied with our lives and don’t feel completely happy, we look for the big explanations: not having a partner, not owning our own house, or not having the right job, and we think that just getting one, or all, of them would magically solve the problem. Certainly having a […]

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Inside out: why sadness can save us

Sadness is an emotion we all want to get rid of the moment we feel it. What we don’t seem to understand is that, just as fear gives us the adrenaline to escape from danger, or as anger pushes us to fight against something we don’t like or disagree with, sadness may have its own […]

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Take control of your life: Understand and manage your stress

“Life has no remote, so get up and change it yourself” Mark A. Cooper  Understanding stress Unfortunately, the current pace at which we are required to work and respond today is a huge trigger of stress. But although stress is typically associated with work, its roots may vary. And although we usually give it a […]

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