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So what do you do? Well, in this case, meditation and talking can be the way forward. Explore your problems in as much depth as you can manage, and when you’re feeling overwhelmed, meditate and try to centre yourself. Becoming clear headed is the quickest way to the right solutions. If you’re drinking or binge eating, try to stop that, and focus on the issues at hand. Till you realise what’s making you unhappy, you can’t properly deal with it, and get on with your life.

Explore your problems in as much depth as you can manage

You’ve got to confront the fact that dealing with your problem could mean making some fairly major changes in your life, and that’s inescapable. If you’re can’t identify why you’re unhappy, look at things like relationships, career and location. Look at where you are in your life and where you want to be. You might have to break up with your partner, or change career, or move house. These could all be things that are limiting and upsetting you. Working out and learning to read your own emotions can be tricky for a lot of people, but there are ways out there.

We all only get one life, and the feeling that we’re wasting it can be incredibly destructive. If you feel like you’re not chasing the right path or goals, this can be the very core of your problems.

Don’t be Hasty

Become clear headed, and make sure you identify the right thing. You absolutely don’t want to blame your new boyfriend, when in fact it’s your work situation. You don’t want to kick away your support network. Make sure you’ve reached the right, logical conclusions by talking with people you trust, and don’t be rash about any of this.

When you regularly find yourself upset, depressed and uncertain, it can be easy to become confused and blame the wrong thing, allowing the problems to pile up.

When you’re regularly finding yourself upset, depressed and uncertain, it can be easy to become confused and blame the wrong thing, allowing the problems to simply pile up on top of you. That’s exactly what you don’t want. It’s a sure fire way to end up overwhelmed. Try and shelf the other issues for now, and focus on the core issue at hand.

Deal with the Problem

Dealing with the problem itself could be a case of a divorce, or moving jobs, or retraining. It could be regularly seeing a therapist. But once you’ve got the actual problem in your sights, and you’re dealing with it, you will start to feel more in control, happier, and more able to deal with the world.

If you’re really suffering, this could prove an immense relief, or the situation could worsen for a little while. Don’t read this as you having made the wrong decision however. Everyone doubts themselves sometimes, but when it comes to self-care and moving past something, you need to be certain. You need to have resolve, and to stick by it.

Now it’s time to have a go with those lighter surface measures. In order to reach your optimal, balanced state of motivation and happiness, there’s a lot of things to try out. When it comes to our mental state, a lot of different elements weigh in and there are tons of ways to improve your mood and mental wellbeing, without any kind of drugs:

Exercise – Getting a little more exercise every day can put you in a much happier and more motivated state.

Meditation – Meditation is all about self-awareness and seeing the situation for what it is, which everyone benefits from. It allows you to target your problems properly, and to get the things done that you really need to.

Yoga – Yoga is an excellent combination of the sports, meditation and fitness. It can give you some clear goals when it comes to improving your mood and wellbeing

Diet – Diet is absolutely crucial. How can you expect to feel happy on the regular if you’re eating absolute processed rubbish every day? No wonder you feel bad. It’s worth checking out if you’re got any allergies either. If your weight and shape is an issue for you, seeing improvements could really help you feel like you’re heading in the right direction.

Friendships and Romances – It’s been said that most people are the average of the five people they spend the most time with, and that definitely has a grain of truth in it. If you spend too much time with people inclined towards laziness, depression or binging, that will have an effect on you.
I’m not saying break away from your current friend groups. Just spend less time with that one friend who drinks too much. Who you date has a huge effect on you as well. If your partner has issues like laziness, lacking motivation, ambition, or drinks too much, you’re going to find that affecting you in the long term. Try to choose the people around you with care, because it has more of an influence on you than you think.

Drinking – Everyone knows alcohol is a depressant, that’s inescapable. If you’re drinking too much, you will feel worse mentally. It’s been proven that drinking heavily and regularly is linked with depression, so if you can rein that in as much as possible, you will see changes.

Track and Quantify Your LifeTracking your life, and efforts to take control of it, while quantifying them is the best way to make sure you stay motivated and stay self-aware for as long as possible. Fortunately, there’s a few great ways to do that, from the humble pad and pen, to great new apps like

The fact is, in our lives, we often find ourselves trapped into situations where you can’t work out why exactly you’re unhappy, and that leads people to be uncertain about fixing the situation. That combined with the modern love for alternative healthy practices like meditation and exercise has led to people attempting to fix their problems in very much the wrong way.

Life centres on the pursuit of happiness for so many people, and if you’re choosing to ignore the real causes of your unhappiness, you’re simply extending it. There’s a million ways to improve your life, but a lot of the time, there’s only one key way to fix it.

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