Here’s 6 Great Apps to Get You Centred, Motivated and Happy.

It’s been said that the key to happiness, and to living a joyful, content and purposeful life is to combine three goals: healthy, wealthy and wise. Without that tripod base to your life, you can’t really expect lasting happiness. Happiness, like any goal, doesn’t just happen. If you’re just simply happy, you’re an abnormally lucky person.

For the rest of us, the regular tussle with loneliness, existentialism and general lack of direction can be exhausting. For all our technology and ‘connectedness’, real relationships and friendships can be harder to maintain. Depression, loneliness, low self-esteem and anxiety are all way too common nowadays.

Technology is definitely not all bad, though. While social media have been pretty thoroughly condemned as not being great for your wellness, mental health and motivation, mainly due to the fact that they don’t display the realistic side of people’s lives, merely the successful, happy side that they choose to share, there are apps out there that can help out.

There are a plenty of apps that can help you hit your goals, in terms of health, wealth and wisdom. Here are six apps that can help you get your life in order, while making you notably happier. This is how to re-engineer your smartphone from a tool of distraction and envy, to positivity, productivity and motivation.


SleepSleeping well is important. It’s crucial to productivity, motivation, happiness, and focus, as well as physical well-being. One of the best apps to help you get that vital, quality night’s sleep is ‘Sleep Pillow Sounds’. This app creates pleasant, quality white noise, which can be perfect for easing you into a state of deep, restful sleep, and keeping you there, and it’s free.

The benefits of white noise to sleeping lie in the way it can mask other sounds that can disrupt your sleep, and give you a steady, blank sound to focus on while you drift off into sleep. People also use white noise to meditate and study.

Exercise and Weight Loss – Finding yourself overweight and unfit can be extremely disheartening. It can stop you enjoying so many different elements of life, and badly impact your self-esteem and confidence. There are so many different fitness and weight loss apps out there, all clamouring for attention, it can be very off-putting trying to figure out which one to use.

A great app to start off your fitness and weight loss journey is MyFitnessPal. This app features a calorie counter, with thousands of products that you can scan in and discover calories numbers, as well as a fitness and exercise journal.

Getting in shape goes way beyond simple vanity, it can have huge benefits for your mental health. This app can be incredibly helpful.

Yoga – Combining the relaxing mindfulness and breathing techniques of meditation, with the physicality and flexibility of exercise, yoga can have a huge range of mental and physical benefits, including improved mood, better sleep, better flexibility, and feeling healthier and stronger.

This combination of benefits makes yoga in its many forms the perfect accompaniment to getting fit, losing weight, or dealing with stress. It can be hard to find the right guidance when it comes to learning yoga techniques, but with a myriad of different apps to pick from, you can quickly get on with trying out your first pose.

One of the best yoga apps out there today is Studio. With over 7 million users, in-app HD video, 389 poses and 37 different courses, this is comprehensive option when it comes to starting out at yoga. This app isn’t free, but it is amazing value at roughly $4 (£3.10), which, at the price of a coffee, could be the best £3 you’ve ever spent.


Organisation – When it comes to functionality, productivity, happiness and mental wellbeing, few things are as important as staying on top of everything. If you know exactly what you’ve got to get done and when, as well as having reminders, notifications, and an easy-to-use notation app, then you’re going to be more productive and earn more.

Studies have shown that financial security can have a big impact of happiness and wellbeing levels. It’s like that old phrase – money doesn’t buy happiness, but it’s nice to cry in a Lamborghini! All jokes aside, poverty has been shown to impact creativity, productivity and motivation, so getting yourself in order, and getting what you need to be done can be a huge step into a brighter future.

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