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One of the best apps for organisation is Awesome Note. It allows you to note and schedule within one app, and has a great easy to use interface. Whatever your industry or plans, staying on top of everything is going to help. This app is $4, or £3.10, and can really prove a great investment.

Finances – If you ever struggle with managing your personal finances, sticking to a budget, or just keeping track of your spending, maybe a personal finance app could help you out. If your financial situation has got you stressed, tired and worried, then that is going to be inherently damaging to your relationships, health and life in general, but not to worry, there are plenty of apps out there to lend a hand and stop you living paycheck to paycheck.

One such app is You Need a Budget (YNaB). This app helps you manage your finances, live within your means, and even dig yourself out of debt. If you’re struggling with finances, then an app like this could prove vital.


Meditation – Meditation is incredibly useful, especially once you find a way to implement it properly within your life. Forget about brain training, Sudoku, whatever. Just learn to focus on the here and now, for the time being at least. Meditation is all about encouraging the mind-body connection, learning to live in the moment, truly relax, focus and centre yourself. That can have all kinds of great knock-on effects when it comes to dealing with stress.

Stress is one of the most dangerous things in our lives today. Here in the UK, one of the biggest killers is heart disease, which is obviously much linked to high blood pressure and stress. Beyond getting fit and healthy, one of the best preventative measures you can introduce into your life to alleviate stress is regular meditation. Forget the idea that meditation is in any way a crazy hippie fad, it can help you turn your professional and personal life around.

The Mindfulness App is my favourite meditation app. It features tons of features, including five day guided meditation practice, reminders and times for keeping you on track. When it comes to meditation, once you’ve the basic skills, it can be hard to keep to it. The reminders are very helpful in that regard.

If you start implementing even just a few of these apps in your life, you’re going to see benefits. Whether that’s physical, financial, or mental benefits, the one change you’re guaranteed to see is you’ll feel happier to be doing something. There’s even an app out there,, which focuses entirely on tracking your happiness. This app is filled with wellness insights, and is perfect for quantifying your personal growth.

Whatever you’re trying to achieve, it needs to be quantifiable, with data and recorded information. Much like if you were building your fitness or strength you’d measure your biceps, weigh yourself, or time a sprinting lap, in order to truly gauge how your happiness and wellness has changed, you need to regularly record what you’re achieving, and how that’s affecting your moods, productivity and relationships. This is the app to make sure you’re on the right path when it comes to becoming satisfied, content and happy in your life.

One last tip to sign off on; think about disabling your social media for a month, and just using your smartphone as tool for positivity, self-improvement and direct conversation. It could be the clearest and most productive month of your life!

Consider disabling your social media for a month, and just using your smartphone as tool for positivity and self-improvement