Have you been trying to improve your nutrition or to feel better at work? Have you made any progress there? How many days in a row have you been able to sustain it for?

We keep making improvements to our app based on what research says makes us happy. We’ve mentioned before the importance of setting ourselves goals and chasing themand the clear satisfaction we get when we finally reach them. This is what this update is about.



We all know how much our sleep quality can affect our mood and happiness (something that you can also see in the Life Overview screen); have you been trying to sleep better lately? How long have you managed to do it for? And how bad is it affecting your happiness and wellbeing?

Now you can keep track of your daily progress through analyze.life’s new “Best Ever” feature, which will show you the exact days in a row that you have felt good or great about one of these aspects of your life you are tracking and, most importantly, the time period it happened so you can try and associate your progress to a particular event that happened to you then. Fancy breaking your own records?


Chart your happiness against the quality of your sleep



Keep track of your records. See the days in a row you’ve felt good or great, when and where!

About accomplishing your goals

So you’ve set yourself the goal of being kinder, or of sleeping better, or feeling better at work. Now, what can you do to meet them? Subscribe to our newsletter :). Yes, it is in this section where you will find all the information, tips and inspiration you need to improve all the aspects of your life you are already tracking and analyzing with analyze.life.

Analyzing your life and feelings has never been easier. More than ever now, the choice of becoming more aware of your life is in your hands. So, what’s your next goal? Start tracking it today!