We often write about those things that contribute to our happiness. Today we decided to go the other way and to show some of the things that will guarantee your unhappiness. So choose your habits carefully!

Don’t set yourself any goals

Having goals to pursue and work towards them is one of the scientifically proven ways to feel happier. Lack of goals may imply lack of motivation, boredom, or a general insatisfaction with your life.

If you feel you are stuck in life, set yourself achievable and realistic goals, either personal or professional: losing weight, being fitter, travelling more often, doing more fun stuff, meeting your friends every week, changing your job, increasing your performance…. You name it.

Every accomplishment will boost your mood, self-esteem and energy. Set yourself deadlines to meet them and go towards them with all the determination you can muster.

Be all about saving and saving and don’t spend a cent on experiences

It’s always good to have some money saved for rough times, but it’s not good to be always worried about money and to deprive yourself entirely of nights out or holidays. There are people who never go out for dinner, never have an escapade anywhere because they don’t want to spend a cent.

You cannot have money in your mind at every step you make. Have your savings, yes, but enjoy the product of your hard work too. Having fun experiences, giving, and connecting with people are crucial to our happiness. Use your money in your favour.

Spend all your money and more

Yup, the other side of the coin. While it’s a good idea to use your money on things that make you happy, you will still need to use it wisely. When our happiness relies on material things, we may lose sight of the little everyday details that can make us happy. Also, it could well mean that you are trying to fill some holes in your life with material things. Look a bit deeper.

No need to go crazy; always stay within your comfort zone

Our routine can many times give us a sensation of safety and stability, but if we want to keep our curiosity awake and our brain working, then changes are necessary.

Changes are always uncomfortable because they involve risk, and many people would rather stay in their jobs or marriages even if they are unhappy, just because they fear uncertainty and are not brave enough to face the (good or bad) consequences.

Amazing things can happen when you leave your comfort zone. You need to be brave enough to change what you don’t like. As Nelson Mandela said: “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears”.


It’s always wise to worry about the future and be prepared for the worst

Most of the things you worry about will never happen. There is a line between planning for the future and being prepared for different scenarios, and getting obsessed and overly worried about things that may never occur and may not even be under your control.

If you are one of this kind of people, then maybe you would like get acquainted with The Worry Games, a blog written by a person who has suffered from anxiety and decided to share her experience and recovery.

If you are not happy, wait for your context to change – no other choice.

This is certainly the most important point. It is crucial that we understand that we are responsible for our own happiness; we create it and it is deeply connected to the way we think. We need to stop looking for excuses like “why do I have such a bad luck?!”, or “what have I done to deserve this?” and start looking for the real reasons we are unhappy. One good way to begin our journey to happiness is to start focusing on the things we enjoy doing, getting together with positive people, setting goals, challenging ourselves doing things we haven’t done before, and having fun.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. -Albert Einstein”