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You can’t just have goals though. You don’t want to turn into some Machiavellian character, obsessed with your own success. You need gratitude to balance you out and keep your ego in check.
Gratitude will also help you keep moving in the right direction, and stop you becoming disheartened when success doesn’t immediately happen. Gratitude keeps you grounded, and aware of everything you’ve achieved, while stopping you floating off with an inflated head. It gives you faith in yourself, and the knowledge that when you work your hardest, good stuff happens.

It lets you trust, appreciate and love people around you, and maintain powerful, healthy friendships and romantic relationships. In short, gratitude and hard work are an unbeatable combo that’ll see you achieving huge things.

Why Gratitude isn’t Just Some Hippie-Dippy Nonsense

It’s easy to hear the word gratitude, and find yourself regarding it as some kind of hippie-dippy new age nonsense. It’s something people with far too much faith in crystals talk about, and it probably doesn’t have that much actual bearing in real life.

However, you couldn’t be further from the truth. While gratitude isn’t going to give you any kind of supernatural powers, it’s social and self-discipline impact could be aptly described as something of a superpower.

What’s more, anyone can get into it. It’s not like Thai Chi or horoscopes. It’s concrete and while not particularly quick, something anybody can achieve. Everybody can benefit from learning and implementing gratitude into their life.

How to Build Gratitude into Your Personality

Actually starting to build gratitude into your personality isn’t all that difficult. It’s the consistency and determination that can be more than a little difficult.

The best approach is always going to be simply spending ten minutes every day thinking about all the things in your life that you have to be grateful for.

Noting things down can make it easier too. Get a notebook specially for the purpose of building gratitude into your life. Write in it regularly. Meditation can also be an incredibly useful tool for digging deeper into yourself.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees, and meditation can give you the focus, clarity and self-awareness needed to really build powerful lasting gratitude.

All you really need to do when it comes to meditating is sit down for ten minutes, and clear your head of thoughts. Focus on your breathing, gently chasing away distracting thoughts. Utilise the following clarity to self-reflect and really feel gratitude. Make some notes.

Gratitude doesn’t mean morphing into some kind of solemn monk either. Nothing about you really needs to change, apart from the way in which you view your life.

The benefits of gratitude are pretty spectacular too. You’ll start noticing that your relationships are stronger, you understand people better and people like you more. You might feel more confident and assertive, and beyond anything else, you’ll feel determined and self-assured.

The ability to actually pursue and embrace goals, difficulties and journeys are one of the biggest benefits of gratitude that you’ll notice. This is the one that really challenges affluenza, allowing you to dedicate yourself to something beyond instant gratification.

What Else Can You Do?

Another thing anyone can do is download the Analyze.Life app. This helpful app contains hints, tips and ideas that can really help you nail down gratitude and happiness, and start moving towards a happier, more purposeful existence.

Gratitude isn’t a Destination or Goal; It’s a Process

One last thought. Gratitude is not a goal. It’s not a destination. You’re not going to look up two hours into meditating and realise, wow, I’m grateful now. Gratitude simply isn’t like that. It’s something you steadily get better at, and gain greater understanding of. It’s a slow, slow process, but extremely rewarding throughout.

Embracing gratitude means embracing the nature of the slow process, taking you steadily to where you need to be. This kind of process and journey is the way in which all major goals in life should be approached. It’s the best way to achieve huge, impressive things without feeling overwhelmed and stopping half way through.

Give gratitude and big goals a month of your life, and you will see massive results, and the problems you’ve experienced living the materialistic, shallow lifestyle will start to fade into the background. You’ll find it hard to rationalise not having started sooner!