Christmas time arrives, and so do Christmas sales. Shops advertise their products fiercely, somehow selling this idea that Christmas is about spending money rather than being a time to share and appreciate what we have.

Even for the not-very-religious, Christmas may be a time of joy, love and celebration, but can be very hard for those who wish there was someone else sitting at the table, or for those who cannot afford to buy presents or to have a big feast.

But even if you do have the money to have a dream Christmas, it would be good to be mindful, to appreciate what you have, and to celebrate being with loved ones. Buying presents or not is your option, but you can also try doing something more meaningful.

These are some of the best gifts anyone can give or receive on this holy season:

  1. Something home-made. It could be cookies, or a scarf knitted by you, or whatever your ability. The idea is to make something with your own hands and give it to someone else.
  2. A book that you’ve once bought for yourself and loved.
  3. A poem, handwritten on a nice sheet of paper.


And on a different level:

  1. You can give your help to someone in need. There are quite a few NGOs and foundations looking for help and donations. Helping feels always good. It will make you the giver and the receiver a bit happier.
  2. A big thank you  – always appreciated.
  3. A big I love you – always needed.
  4. A big hug – always welcome.
  5. A big I’m sorry – if you think you owe it.
  6. A phone call – never too late.
  7. Your smile, “for the smile is the beginning of love” (Mother Theresa)


Hang a shining star upon the highest bough, and have yourself a merry little Christmas Share on X