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June 14

Why is Happiness Crucial to Your Career?

There are tons of ways being truly happy can help you out in the workplace, whether it’s interpersonal relations, or simple motivation. Here’s what you need to know. What is Happiness to You? Firstly, you’ve got to re-evaluate all your traditional definitions of the concept of happiness. Unrelenting joy from waking to bed is never […]

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Long Breaks or Micro-Breaks? Recharging Your Energy to Fuel Your Productivity

It is Thursday morning. You are at your desk trying hard to solve an important task, but every three minutes the telephone rings and you are constantly interrupted. You look at your to-do list and you start to panic. Everything needs to be finished by Monday morning and, if all these interruptions continue, you’ll probably […]

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What Can I Do to Feel Happier at Work?

If I spend more than half of my waking hours doing something that causes more pain than joy, can the rest of the day compensate enough to still have the potential of making me a happy person? We could discuss the answer, but most probably it would be no. Now, can I still be happy […]

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