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June 15

How to Maintain and Foster Happiness in Challenging Circumstances

So often in life, we find ourselves stuck in situations that are pretty far from ideal. Whether that’s terrible life events, such as dealing with grief or a bad break up, or a simple insidious case of depression in an otherwise happy life, altogether too often, everything seems to conspire against us. One of the […]

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Happiness is all About Forward Momentum in Life

Happiness doesn’t just happen, it’s a product of how you live your life. Forward momentum is always going to be the quickest path to contentment, here’s why that is. What is Happiness? First of all, the very first thing you have to consider when talking about happiness in any sense is your definition of it. […]

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Happiness and Attitude: Two Stories That Show The Connection

Two women, two very different attitudes. Two stories that show how our mindsets determine our happiness. Caroline Carol is 29. She was born in a small town and has a sister, Mel, two years younger than her. By the age of 9, both their parents died leaving them orphans. While it was an aunt of […]

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Delivering positive news – the positive movement

In a world of daunting news, you may have noticed an increasing interest in balancing bad with positive news. We believe that, indeed, more good things than bad things happen daily, but somehow the bad gets more attention and coverage. We are not alone in this belief. In the last few years, there has been […]

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Jolly or Gloomy? How to Rewire your Brain to Look at the Bright Side

Every day, we have the choice to go through life with a cheerful, bubbly disposition, or frowning and spreading complaints. Yes, it is our choice. But as plausible as this may sound, most people do not seem to be aware of how true it is. Every day, we get to decide to go one way […]

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