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April 16

Happiness is the Side Dish, Not the Main Course

When it comes to modern attitudes regarding happiness and the point of life, there’s a lot of confusion. People are aiming for the wrong goals, and wondering why they’re feeling miserable and anxious all the time. I put it down to happiness not being the main goal and the whole point, but simply the icing […]

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The Hedonistic Treadmill is Key to Controlling Happiness

The Hedonistic Treadmill is a psychological and philosophical concept, key to understanding happiness, in a number of ways. Without incorporating the concept into your thinking, you can’t really expect to improve your overall mental state and happiness. It makes clear the absolute futility of material gain, as well as status symbols and power positions. What […]

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Bucket List: Should We All Have One?

A few days ago, a friend and I were having a kind of philosophical conversation about life, our year and our achievements (one of these conversations you usually have at the end of a year). “Do you have any particular dream or thing that you would like to do or accomplish in your life?”, he […]

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8 Mistakes That Stop You From Reaching Your Goals

If you haven’t set yourself any goals, how will you know if you are where you want to be? Last week, we told you about the importance of celebrating your achievements and praising yourself every time you meet your goals. This week, we will tell you why you may not be meeting your goals and […]

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Why We Should Celebrate Our Accomplishments – And What Happens If We Don’t

Imagine you have made a long climb to the summit of a mountain. It took you a great deal of effort to get there but you’ve made it, and now you can sit and enjoy a fascinating view. Yet instead of savouring the moment and congratulating yourself on your accomplishment, you start the hike down. […]

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