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June 14

12 Five-Minute Changes to Make You Happier

You know what’s fantastic about doing something for five minutes, every day? That’s the way you build a habit. Do that for a week, then challenge yourself to do it for a month. Then six months. Little changes can quickly build up into big lifestyle shifts that see you feeling better, happier, and really achieving […]

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Everyone Has Their Own Unique Definition of Happiness, You just have to Find Yours

Happiness is often treated as this single, fixed goal, towards which everyone is moving, but what if it is a vastly more individualistic, internal struggle? What if there is more than one kind of happiness out there? What is Happiness? The pursuit of happiness has always been a big thing in all cultures, even the […]

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How to Maintain and Foster Happiness in Challenging Circumstances

So often in life, we find ourselves stuck in situations that are pretty far from ideal. Whether that’s terrible life events, such as dealing with grief or a bad break up, or a simple insidious case of depression in an otherwise happy life, altogether too often, everything seems to conspire against us. One of the […]

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Can You Train Yourself To Feel Happy? My Experience with My Ex

By Victoria Braverman Happiness. What a wonderful emotion. It can carry you through hard times, through external events over which you have no control, and out the other side. It permeates the darkest times. When it strikes, you can jump out of bed with a smile on your face before remembering the sad/dangerous/frightening situation you’re […]

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Better Together: How to Create a Happier Future

Relationships make us happier, healthier, and stronger. This article won’t be self-help oriented and won’t tell you how to be or feel better in a few steps. It is about much more than that. It is about social connections, quality of relationships, and how to face an uncertain future. Sometimes, depending on our personality, on […]

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