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July 15

Why Happiness is Difficult to Define

Happiness is a hugely important part of a great life. It’s tough to define, but we know it’s absence when it’s gone. Learning to define and discover your own sense of happiness is important when it comes to building the lifestyle you really want to be living. Here’s why happiness is so difficult to define. […]

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What Does Happiness Look Like?

When it comes to looking at what your happiness truly resembles, there’s many different elements to think about and explore. Here are some of the key elements that go into working out what happiness could truly look like for you. Define Happiness and Accept Its Myriad Forms Really, happiness is never about what it should […]

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Discovering Happiness in the Era of COVID

Sounds oxymoronic, right? Happiness during COVID? But how? Let’s be honest here, it’s not been a great year in terms of what’s been happening in the news. However, the news is not your life. Your life is your life. It does not have to be dictated by the big, stressful events happening elsewhere. That’s why […]

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Happiness is the Side Dish, Not the Main Course

When it comes to modern attitudes regarding happiness and the point of life, there’s a lot of confusion. People are aiming for the wrong goals, and wondering why they’re feeling miserable and anxious all the time. I put it down to happiness not being the main goal and the whole point, but simply the icing […]

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7 Lifestyle Habits that can Prevent Real Happiness

In modern life, we don’t tend to have to spend all that much time foraging for food, or fighting for survival, which is great. We’ve got food on the table, warmth, shelter over our heads, and for the most part, long life expectancies. All we have to trade for that is eight or so hours […]

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The Hedonistic Treadmill is Key to Controlling Happiness

The Hedonistic Treadmill is a psychological and philosophical concept, key to understanding happiness, in a number of ways. Without incorporating the concept into your thinking, you can’t really expect to improve your overall mental state and happiness. It makes clear the absolute futility of material gain, as well as status symbols and power positions. What […]

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