“The last person on your mind before you close your eyes at night is either the reason for your happiness or your pain.”

In this networking-centric world, we keep meeting many people and recording many events with them during our lifetime, which would occupy terabytes of space if stored in a hard disk.

We, human beings, have the power to remember much of what happens in our life with the people we meet, but we also have the power of prioritizing and discarding memories sub-consciously. We remember the moments which have had a significant impact on our life and forget those which haven’t affected us much. Can you recollect each and every moment with every person you met? Can you remember the moment when you made your parents proud or angry? Your answer is probably ‘no’.

Therecomes the building blocks of life into the picture: happiness and pain. We register every event in our lives associated with these two emotions very strongly, and of course the people behind them. When we are emotionally moved, these moments occupy a prominent place in our memory and it takes great efforts to erase them.

After a busy day, with numerous instances registered in your memory, you go to sleep thinking a bit of the past and maybe also about your near future. Then arrives a point in which your mind changes its way. There are no more thoughts on regular tensions, on your routine or on petty achievements. Thoughts about a person pop up surpassing any other memory – the person who created many pages in your life, gave memories to cherish, gave you reasons to smile, made your life meaningful and purposeful. And perhaps hurt you too at the same time.


People who are associated with happiness and pain in our life can never step out of our memories easily. It is not just the memory that can make us happy or sad, but the person behind it. The attachment to that person is beyond words and expressions. Not everyone can take that place.

Not every person you meet can make you happy or cause you pain. Many people come in and out of our life without leaving any major impact. But there could be one person who can awake both feelings, a person who can unknowingly give you the happiest moments and also cause you tremendous pain. In this case, you hate that person with love. This may sound like an oxymoron but it’s true. You will give that person many exceptions related to your likes and dislikes.

It is when you go to sleep at night and close your eyes that you open the doors to your heart; a connection establishes and paves the way to your own world. There is only one in it and that person is the reason for your happiness and/or pain, and only that person is capable of nullifying the distance between happiness and pain in your life.