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There is a saying that “you cannot control the ocean, but you can learn to surf the waves”, which we think is absolutely true. There are things in life which are beyond our power to control, and the only acceptable choice we have is to face them, learn from them, and move on.

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But life isn’t only about learning from the negative moments – we need to make the most of the positive too. Benjamin Franklin said that most people die at age 25 and are not buried until they are 75 (a quote that Les Brown then took, changed -possibly by mistake- to age 65 and added a closing remark: “Make an effort to live your life to the fullest”). Perhaps the sentiment is exaggerated, but it is true that at some point we stop having fun and instead shift our focus to our duties and on all those things that any “responsible adult” should do. And life passes…

With these two ideas in mind, we’ve prepared this very simple but hopefully inspiring short video for you.

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