Pascal said that despite all miseries in life, man wishes to be happy, only wishes to be happy, and cannot wish not to be so. Yet it is not insignificant the number of people who seem to somehow be chased by a sort of dark, heavy cloud, and you still see them there, complaining endlessly about it but not doing much to get rid of it. “It’s how life is”, they often answer, accepting things as they are, unaware of the fact that they have the power to control their emotions and how these unfortunate events can affect them. Shit happens, absolutely, and you may not be able to avoid it, but you can decide how much it will affect your overall life.

Studies show that there is a learnt component associated with happiness, and in recent years this topic has been widely researched. People want to be happy, and science seems to be determined to find out how to do it.

Consciously or not, we are all in our own search for happiness – or for what we believe can make us happy -, but some people take this task more proactively than others. There are many roads to a happier and a more fulfilled life, and we always give you hints as to what you can do to find joy.

In a recent article, we discussed mindfulness and its importance as a component in a fulfilling life. Interestingly, the first step to be happier is to be mindful of our feelings, to open our eyes and be aware of those little things that make us feel well. Some of them are quite obvious to look at – we all know that our children, our pets, our family, and our friends have the potential to be the shelter when life gets tough. But sometimes happiness seems to be a bit more hidden and may be found where we wouldn’t think to look. Did you know, for example, that it is scientifically proven that giving and being kind make us feel happier? Or were you aware of the connection between mental well-being and physical well-being?

Sometimes, we need to do some extra work to find out what are all those little things that bring joy to our lives and gives us that boost every morning to get up with a smile and the desire to “seize the day”.

The Dalai Lama said that happiness is not something ready-made, that it comes from our own actions. But can we be bothered to do research on science and happiness and to self-analyze ourselves everyday seeking to make connections between what we did and how it made us feel? It honestly feels like too much work.

Still, it is a task worth doing. Being mindful of our feelings and thoughts will help us improve our life and be happier – and this is also scientifically proven.

“Is there a way we can do something for this task to take no more than a minute a day? Is there a way we can make people be more mindful of their feelings without too much work?”. These were the questions we asked ourselves, and after more than a year of hard work, we think we nailed it 😉

We created a beautiful happiness app that we called “”. The app easily helps you track your daily feelings in a range of categories: work, social life, sleep, nutrition, general mood, and more coming soon. Our objective is that you should only devote one minute every day. What does it give you in return?


Give yourself a minute a day to track and understand your feelings, to engage with your happiness and improve your appreciation of life.

In the end, we all know that life has no remote control, so if something is not quite right, we should get up and change it ourselves.


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