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On top of that, no one likes an egomaniac. Sure, it can be charismatic, but if you perpetually think you’re better than everybody and everything around you, eventually you’re going to look up and find yourself alone, with nothing that you value. Once again, gratitude can prove the answer here.

Living in the Past

We’ve all known people who go on about the great times they had as a teen, in their twenties, at this job they used to have, with one particular ex-partner. Stop living in the past. It’s a cliché I know, live in the present etc., but it’s true.

If you’re continually living in the past, obsessing with a long gone period in your life, you’re never going to achieve any real kind of happiness. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to snap out of this kind of thinking.

You just need to shake things up. Look at new ways of doing things. Quit your job, go back to university, break up with your partner, put effort into meeting someone new, learn new skills. There’s so many ways to shake things up, and life is too short to ignore them all.

Busyness without Productivity

This is a real standard of office work. People love to embrace any kind of pointless busywork. Rushing around and being frantically stressed, it can be a good way to feel like you’re getting things done, when in actuality, you’re taking yourself away from any kind of actually satisfying deep work.

Deep work is what it’s all about. It’s the kind of work where you settle to do it and glance up three hours later, having been completely absorbed and focused. It’s about hyper-focus, and enjoying your work, or at the very minimum your hobbies. It’s a firm no to any kind of pointless busywork.

Endless Planning

This is essentially the opposite of living in the past. We’ve all met people who are habitually planning for the future and thinking about what they’ll do when this happens, or if they manage this.

This is just as toxic as living in the past. Constant self-sacrifice and living for tomorrow is just another way of wasting your life without really achieving anything that you want to. Once again, it’s just a case of going and actually doing things. Shaking things up.

Recurrent Themes

One of the biggest recurring themes in all these roadblocks is gratitude. If there’s one thing you take away and embrace in light of this article, make it gratitude. Gratitude is one of the best paths away from all the nonsense of the modern, materialistic and digital world, towards happiness

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