There is a German study that suggests that excessive snoring can affect erectile problems. It argues that restricting air access to the lungs and insufficient circulation in the penis area are based on the same biological mechanism. Roughly speaking: less ventilation is worse than an erection.

Also, the researchers logically assumed that the louder and more continuous snoring of a man who sleeps next to a woman makes it less desirable for her. A man can feel such things and experience the same thing – accordingly, without delivering any sexual satisfaction to anyone.

But it should be noted that of all these factors, this is the most questionable. For example, a study was conducted on more than 800 men in Minnesota studied who snores strongly and medium, as well as those who do not snore at all. Scientists interviewed them and compared sexual parameters. Those who snore heavily reported slightly less satisfaction with their sex life than in other categories. In general, however, there was no big difference in ejaculatory function, erectile problems, and sexual temperament between the groups. 

Thus, American researchers have concluded that snoring is more associated with an overall decrease in sexual satisfaction (especially among adult men) than with erectile dysfunction per se.

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What to do? There is a relationship between snoring and erectile dysfunction or not. Still, in the study of Germans, there is a rational grain: a heavily snoring man is a so-so pathogen for women (although exceptions are possible). See your doctor, you may have a warped nasal septum, and this problem is easy to fix.