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Its about being aware that you didn’t do any great thing to deserve to be born and enter into creation. You don’t in any way deserve to be alive right now, you’re a quirk of creation, and the result of a fantastic level of chance. You know that just for you to even be possible, thousands upon thousands of people had to meet and reproduce at the exact right point in time? Work out those odds, and you’ll see that you’ve precisely no right to expect anything from the universe, considering the gift you’ve already been give.

While that sounds utterly bleak and insanely intense, it’s not. When you start seeing each and every day as a gift, even when your life is going badly, you’ll still be able to see above and beyond the temporary situation.

Gratitude is like a superpower, at least, it’ll feel like one. It’ll boost your happiness no end, help you connect with people around you, and help you to simply achieve balance in your life. I’m not overstating it, gratitude is spectacular when done right.

Start a gratitude journal, enrol to volunteer somewhere, meditate regularly on the things you have to be grateful for, think about the bad things that have happened to you, and how regardless of them being negative, you’ve benefitted from them. We all hear stories about people missing that plane flight that ended up crashing. I bet those delayed travellers were absolutely furious at the time.

Self-Care is Strength

It has been said that you shouldn’t judge a man by his strengths, but by his weaknesses, and how he accounts for them, and that holds true. Your strengths are your strengths, great, make use of them, but you’ll be able to rely on them. It’s your weaknesses you need to focus on.

You need to make sure you’re always doing everything you can to look after yourself, patch yourself up, and work past flaws and weaknesses. We all have them, whether it’s being too quick to anger, or prone to binge eating. We’ve all got niggling little annoyances, which allowed enough freedom, would become totally self-destructive.

Self-care is all about taking the time to get to know yourself, what you need from people and the world around you at large, and simply being aware of what you need to work on and compensate for. If you don’t conquer your shortcomings by being aware of them and compensating, all your strengths and strong suits will be reduced as a result.

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Defeat your ego with gratitude and humility, then fix the quirky weaknesses we all have with self-care. Be gentle with yourself, and not harsh or judgemental. Improvement is always slow and incremental, so just sit back, and let it happen, without any internal bullying or neglect.

Leave the Comfort Zone

You heard me. I see you, sat safely in your bedroom, in your PJs. Get out of that comfort zone, I’m warning you it’s addictive! Staying sat, safely and unchallenged in your comfort zone can be deadly when it comes to developing any kind of lasting happiness.

Not only is it the antithesis of any kind of career, romantic or social success, effectively blocking you from growing and developing in any meaningful way, as you firmly and unrelenting grip onto the familiar and safe, but it deprives you of important experiences.

For instance, next week, you’re going to try your hand at stand-up comedy. How does that thought make you feel? Excited? Nervous? Or more likely, fairly terrified.

It’s that warm, apprehensive fear that you need to grow to love.

Sure doing excruciating new things isn’t the most comfortable, or enjoyable thing at first, but the more stand-up classes you go to, or the more women you chat up in bars, or the more presentations you give at work, the happier you’ll feel when you achieve any modicum of success in something you previously thought you weren’t good at. That happiness is golden and beatific, and shouldn’t be missed out on.

It breeds humility, too. Trying new things and leaving your comfort zone on the regular will see you failing pretty regularly. Fortunately, the more you fail, the better you get at it, and the more total failures you generate, the more successes you’ll enjoy.

You think Steve Jobs or any other industry leaders struck gold on their first shot? Nope, it was years of effort, and being told that they didn’t know anything about anything first. I bet the strain and humility born from that situation helped turn them into the successes they became.

Simple Steps

Whenever I want to achieve something big in my life, I know that trying to tackle in one or two huge moves is always going to be a massive mistake. I’m not going to suddenly rise to the occasion, and become suddenly amazing. You need to plan for failure when you’re building up to success, because failure, however partial, can really trip you up.

That’s why doing things in simple, small steps is crucial. When it comes to building happiness into your life, maybe start with regular meditation, just ten minutes in the morning, every morning. Do that for a week, then maybe add in a gratitude journal, entering a sentence every single day. Try and keep that up for a month, then add new things in. Don’t knowingly overwhelm yourself, it’s a quick route to failure in almost everything.