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If you truly despise your work, then get a new job somewhere else. Get a junior position you consider well beneath your skill-set, and work harder than anyone else there. If you crave freedom and control, start your own business.

If you can’t do what you’re doing properly, move on and find something, anything, that you can truly throw yourself into. It’s better to strive for something less promising, than do a poor job of something logical.

Having said that, it’s not time to pursue comedy or music full-time, don’t mindlessly follow your dreams. Just make sure to reconcile your personality and ideas with a role you can really throw yourself into.

That proactivity, agency and sacrifice will foster happiness in you. You’ll grow as you work harder, and keeping growing in terms of intellectuality, skill and maturity is a huge thing.

Just the sheer fact of taking your life in your hands, and doing what you want with it is a massively valuable shift. Feeling like your drifting along, buffeted endlessly on the currents of life, and being unable to take any form of agency is a terrible thing that can warp a person. Avoid this lifelessness at all costs.

Jack Kerouac, the 50’s beat writer, spoke of a feeling that comes from working incredibly hard in a focused and unselfish way. Once you’ve strived, and spent yourself, and you’re exhausted but satisfied, there comes a feeling of quiet, content joy. He called this feeling beatific. That’s what you’re striving for.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Any One Thing

First off, just because you’re in your mid-fifties, and twenty-five years into a slow-burning rat-race career, does not mean you can’t radically change the course of your life. Go watch American Beauty, and feel inspired.

Then consider this. Your great, overweening and powerful goals don’t have to be just your career, just your business, or just your charity work. It doesn’t have to be raising your kids. It can be anything, providing you’ve got the drive and the imagination to turn your passion into a functional and powerful part of your life.

It’s all about seizing inspiration and passion whenever you spot it, and chasing it properly. It’s about being willing to cut loose parts of your life that are holding you back, and get after it.

Don’t Let the Situation Hold You Back

Whether it’s a toxic partner, a job you well and truly despise with zero potential, or a friend group that holds you back, it doesn’t matter.

You need to find a safe and logical path out of that jungle, and cut it loose. Click To Tweet

That means breaking up with a partner who doesn’t support you properly, is your happiness and your life really worth less than your relationship? There are always new partners out there, as well as new jobs to be found, so don’t tell yourself you need this job.

The fact is, we’re the average of the five people we spend the most time with. You know what that means? If you’re spending all your time with people who have zero ambition, who’re unhappy in their own lives and who don’t have any real goals, inevitably, that will rub off on you. I’m not saying write them off completely, but it’s time to get some new primary friends and relegate them to the backbench.

Tips and Tricks

I know I said smartphones are terrible, evil sources of shallow pointless distraction and terrible gut-wrenching envy, but they can also be powerful tools for positive change too.
From all the research, work, and communication you can do on them, to apps designed specifically to manage your happiness, the modern smartphone can do a lot.

Take an app like Analyze.Life for instance. It’s all about helping put you on the right path, and keep you there. That can be really helpful.