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Turn off your inner criticism by concentrating on the positive. If you hear the voice in your head telling you that you are useless, immediately stop it and replace these negative thoughts with a positive statement. For example, if your inner voice keeps telling you that you are useless, then just say to yourself: “I have many friends who think I am worth knowing. I have a lot to give”.

Create a (mental) list of your positive character traits

Think about your abilities, positive character traits, and perhaps also about why there are people who in many ways admire or appreciate you. Include compliments you get from others and your own achievements. This list can go from trivial things, like “I can cook pretty well”, to others like “I excel as a professional” or “I have many very good friends, so my social skills are clearly not bad”. This list will serve as a reminder of your capabilities and will increase your sense of self-worth.

Practice mindfulness

This is a suggestion we have given for many other issues but for a simple reason: it helps to deal with our thoughts and emotions. When you practice mindfulness, you watch your thoughts come and go without judging them, without trying to stop them. If those thoughts are negative or unhappy, do not try to suppress them – they are part of your life and of who you are, and more importantly, they are an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

As with everything in life, self-acceptance is a learning process. If you are reading this, you are aware that there is something you need to change, which means that you have already started your journey. Learn to enjoy it. Changes take time and occur with each experience we live. Even if the path is stony, trust you will be able to master difficult situations.

You have already started your journey. Learn to enjoy it.