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A minute of gratitude a day can help us not just refocus our energy and feel more contented, but it can also rewire our brain and help us look to the present and future with a better and healthier attitude.

4. A healthy mind in a healthy body

As the Latin proverb goes: mens sana in corpore sano. Because only a healthy body can support a healthy mind, taking care of our physical health is essential for our mental well-being.

The relation between this and optimism is pretty clear: if you feel good about yourself, if you are strong and feel energized and alive, you will naturally adopt a positive and optimistic attitude towards your life, your present and your future.

5. Find positive experiences

Laugh out loud and choose pleasurable and fun experiences. It is said that misery loves company, but so does joy. Have fun, be happy, and you will attract good things. Don’t wait any more, don’t waste more time. What are you doing this weekend?

6. An encouraging and fun social environment

What is the usual mood in your social circle? Do you support your loved ones in their actions, and are they there for you when you need them? The mood in our environment and that of the people we spend time with influence us decisively and contribute significantly to the decisions and choices we make.

7. Set objectives & goals

We created a series of posts about the importance of setting goals and celebrating our accomplishments. The main conclusion is their role in shaping a positive attitude. By setting goals, we know the direction we are heading and focus our energy on that path. By celebrating our achievements, we are recognizing our strength and reinforcing our self-confidence.

One tip? Go for small objectives. Small goals are better than big, utopian projects that can frustrate you or push you too hard.

We would love to know about you. How’s your approach to life? Is there anything you can teach others about how to look at the bright side even when things don’t go very well?