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When you feel down and miserable, how common is advice like ‘do some exercise’, ‘get out of the house’ and ‘eat less junk food’. Everybody knows these things, but few people tie them all together to create a lifestyle that is depression-proof.

The Happiness Lifestyle

Lifestyle can be as simple as making sure you do enough exercise. Exercise is massively beneficial in a huge range of ways. Not only are you literally making yourself healthier, stronger and fitter, you’re taking agency over your body, turning it into a tool you can enhance and utilise efficiently.

Exercise has been demonstrated to have similar effects to meditation, with phenomenon like ‘runners high’ being common. If you’re only going to do one thing, just sit less. You don’t have to be an athlete, just make sure you go for a walk or do a couple push-ups every day.

Obviously, the more you do, the better, but doing the minimum is hugely beneficial when it comes to getting started. Click To Tweet

The Happiness Diet

Diet, contrary to the thousands of different angles thrust towards us from the internet, is actually pretty straightforward. Look at what you should ancestrally be eating, avoid processed, factory-made foods, think about nutrient-density and always prioritise locally and seasonally produced foods.

Sugary carbohydrates are addictive, and have been shown to have a less than positive effect on mind-set, and ketogenic diets have been demonstrated to be useful for some people when it comes to mental and brain health. This is just one school of thought, however.

A happiness diet is one where you’re able to enjoy your food, avoid binging and feel in control. Being willing to try new things, and look at how different foods and drinks affect you is important when it comes to finding the right diet for you.

A Social Life for Happiness

One thing is consistently true of almost all aboriginal groups across the globe. They live in close-knit, familial units with major focus on protecting and looking after each other, each other’s parents, each other’s children. There’s a sense of community that gets lost in the modern noise of fake social media apps and endless small talk.

Build your tribe around you, look after your family, keep your friends and they’ll look after you. A strong tribe is a rare and valuable thing nowadays.

Can the Modern World Help Achieve Happiness?

If you’re sat there thinking that there’s nothing in the modern world that can help you achieve happiness, you’d be wrong. While we have strayed far from healthy, self-aware ways of life, that doesn’t mean that the technology that’s pushed us along that path can’t be useful.

For instance, it’s never been easier to remain connected via social media, but you have to remember the point isn’t to horde likes and perform perfunctory social niceties.

You have to use social media to actually connect with people. To get together and do things, and if you have to, to pester, reach out and otherwise make sure that you’re spending time with people in real life. Even if they don’t realise it, this is vital for everyone’s mental well-being and happiness.

There are also apps out there like Analyze.Life, that can help you evaluate and improve your life, making sure you keep moving in the right direction.

The sheer volume of amazing, helpful and otherwise unreachable information online is mind-blowing. While everyone needs to develop some critical faculties to avoid being suckered in by nonsense, once you have that, the internet can help you move and develop in any direction that you want, and that’s a fantastic thing.