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What you need to be trying is something new. Ideally, something that pulls you, kicking and screaming, out of your comfort zone, and forces you to find your feet. Leaving your comfort zone, and developing skills that require a bit of uncertainty and embarrassment is amazing for creating a sense of achievement and forward momentum.

If you’ve neglected some element of your life, such as sports or friendships for far too long, it could be hugely beneficial to start chasing those pursuits again. We all need hobbies and activities that matter to us, especially if we’ve neglected them for a long while.

In short, do things that matter to you, and that better you. It’s all about setting yourself in a path of forward momentum, accompanied by activities and work that you enjoy and care about, which propels you forward. Step away from work you hate or laziness, and get after it. You’ll be glad you did.

Care for Yourself

Hard work is great for getting over things, especially if it’s all based around learning new skills or doing things you love to do, however, you can’t just keep working harder and harder and expect to feel better. Some people are just workaholics, and that’s not particularly healthy either.

We all need a sense of purpose and direction, but equally, we all need to care for ourselves and check we’re not filling voids with work or hobbies. You need to pay close attention to what you need and make sure you are taking care of yourself properly. Without taking proper care of yourself, you’re risking more dire circumstances in the future.

Reconnect with People around You

Relationships are hugely important, and if, in your situation, you’ve been badly neglecting yours, it’s time to make sure that your friends and family know that you’re still there and you still care about them. Too often we get locked into patterns of self-pity, wondering why people aren’t there for us, and too often, it’s simply because they don’t realise we’re struggling, and feel slighted and ignored.

Reach out to the people you care about and start spending some proper time with them. Rekindle your friendships, and feel liked and supported again.

Gratitude is a Superpower

We all struggle from time to time, and life does most certainly conspire against us, but at the core of things, you’ve got to remember that we’re all exceptionally lucky.
In the whole existence of humankind, we’re existing at the time when life expectancy, medical care, culture and technology is all at a tremendous peak. The simple fact that we’re born at all is a miracle of chance, requiring a million different chance encounters in our lineage.

The fact you get to wake up and face another day without cancer or a car accident is huge too. On top of all that, chances are you’re not homeless, and you probably have a job. Do you ever wonder what you’re even complaining about?

Situations can be super difficult, but remember you’re still a lucky person, and you just need to lean back and re-evaluate your approach.

Think up a new tactic, and go about your life a little differently.

Tricks and Tips

Really, going through a rough patch doesn’t have to be all that difficult, at least not logically. There’s no need to strain and strive to find the ultimate, easy solution because the solution is never easy. It’s just a case of enacting positive, ongoing change.

Couple that with a couple of lengthy internal conversations about gratitude, and making sure you’re connecting up with old friends and making sure that all your relationships are running smoothly, and you’ll be well on your way out of your situation, and into a much more positive place.

Lastly, there’s two more things I want to recommend. One is an app, called Analyze.Life, designed to help with maintaining happiness and positivity, and the other is exercise. Too few people get the exercise they need nowadays, and beyond making you fat, lack of exercise can also make you unhappy.