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Next do the simple, yet incredibly powerful “Be-Do-Have exercise”. Take three pieces of paper and write at the top on each BE, Do and HAVE. Start with the HAVE first. Start listing all the stuff you want. Go crazy with this and get the creative juices going.

Next, start listing all the places you want to travel to and visit and all the things you want to Do. Get specific and detailed.

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And finally, once your brain is warmed up, start thinking about who you want to BE, i.e., in person, in body, in spirit and in character. Do you want to be a better father or mother? Do you want to be kinder, gentler, stronger, more creative, curious, happier? Who do you want to become? Who is it deep inside of you that wants to come out and shine? Be specific.
As a side note, you don’t have to do it all in one sitting. But please, have fun with this and use the results as a “compass” to what’s most important in your life and start being the person you want to be. This will reduce your stress and give you direction, purpose and more happiness.

Bonus track (or just a final thought)

Sometimes, looking back into our lives and remembering happy times reduces our stress temporarily. You can go back to your childhood, your high school years, your first job, remember your first kiss… Anyway, as I said – that’s just a temporary solution. Don’t get caught up living in the past. Remember it but don’t live there. Think about the future. And here is an idea that should give you goose bumps. Think about this… What memories do you want to have? You see, as humans we have this amazing brain with frontal lobes. That means we have forethought. In a way, we can see into the future, we can picture what we want our future to be like and then (the really cool part) we can go about living our life and doing the things to make it happen. How amazing is that!

Value time, value life and live a life of fulfillment, direction, purpose and meaning with more joy and happiness.
Be smart about this. Use forethought and logic to make this happen. Take control, be intelligent, build your experiences! Write the chapters and story of your life and live into it!