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It’s too easy in life to find yourself caught up chasing the goals and milestones of people around you, rather than your own. We’re herd animals sometimes, so when we’re unsure, we follow what others want to do, rather than what’s right for us. That’s okay, just as long as you’re aware that nothing is concrete, and your goals should always shift with your feelings.
There’s no point chasing anyone else’s dream but your own. Someone else’s happiness isn’t necessarily yours, which is especially important to bear in mind in relationships.

Don’t Put it Off

One of the other major evils assailing happiness in the world today is the common act of putting it off. We all hear about people that work themselves crazily hard, spending all their time at their job, always talking about the big pay-out at the end and retirement. That’s a toxic way to live your one life on this earth.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to sacrifice instant gratification and distraction to achieve big things, but you should never be doing that long-term or letting it dominate your life.
Carpe diem may well be a monstrous cliché, but it’s true. It’s not all about saving for a rainy day, and you absolutely need to prioritise the things in life that you love and are passionate about.

It’s all about striking the right balance and letting that vein of forward momentum and motivation run through everything you do. Set goals, and get them done, but before you burn yourself out obsessing over your gym stats, go work on your social life, or learn a language. Distract yourself with things that are valuable and productive for you.

When it comes to careers and work, one of the biggest mistakes you forever hear people making is the belief that it’s all about passion. People sit around thinking passion is going to strike them like a lightning bolt, and they’re suddenly going to find that dream business idea they’ve been chasing. Or they think that, with zero effort, they’ll just stumble into success.

It’s not like that. You need to turn everything you do into your passion, find your strengths and play to them, all the while keeping a real eye on what you love and enjoy. Everyone needs a balanced approach that takes into consideration their fundamental strengths and weaknesses, as well as likes and dislikes. That’s how you find passion in your work, through sacrifice and self-awareness.

Other Crucial Factors

It’s not just about forward momentum and discipline though, building real happiness requires a range of pillars supporting it. Real, lasting happiness balances on a variety of pillars, when one falls away, another takes up the slack. That’s why you can’t just focus on your work or your meditation. You need to utilise multiple elements to prop up your happiness.
Removing toxic or detrimental elements and figures from your life is absolutely necessary when it comes to building lasting happiness. Toxic relationships should be addressed, and soul-destroying jobs should be re-evaluated. Look for ways to move on in your life, and move into a space where it’s much easier to be happy.

Gratitude can be an incredible way to boost your happiness and relationships. Simply feeling glad of your life and the people and things around you can be hugely therapeutic, and being grateful to people around you, and not taking them for granted, can really boost your relationships. After all, relationships, both romantic and platonic, are what life is all about.
Meditation can be one of the best ways to achieve the self-awareness and skills necessary for properly re-evaluating your situation, and putting in the effort and safeguards necessary for building lasting, solid happiness. Just ten minutes before breakfast in the morning can have a huge effect on your life.

Sit down, take some deep breaths and try to empty your mind of thought by focusing on your midriff core. There’s a lot of different schools of meditation, but that’s the basics, go find a local Buddhist temple if you want to learn more skills, but even if you practice simple meditation every day you see big benefits.

Achieving Forward Momentum

It’s not hard to achieve forward momentum, and once you’ve got the ball rolling, it’s just a case of keeping at it. Make a list of all the things you want to do and write them down. Note down short-term and long-term goals. Start extremely small, and facilitate your efforts within your life as much as possible.

If you want to start getting up early and working on your side-line business in the mornings, you need to eat better and get to bed earlier to feel healthy in the morning.

As a note, remember not to burn yourself out on any of your given activities. By the time you’re getting sick of something, move onto something you prefer.
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