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So what do people like and respect on social media? Well, realness. In every sense. If you’re just posting your show reel of why your life is so great, that’s going to irritate people and push them away. Conversely, so will posting death metal lyrics, and cryptically depressing statuses about how sad you are. You need to strike a balance. You need to show humour, humanity and humility, if you want to be liked online.

If you’re just posting your show reel of why your life is so great, that’s going to irritate people and push them away. Click To Tweet

If someone online demonstrates that sometimes they feel rubbish, sometimes they work hard and fail, and sometimes all they can do is laugh at themselves, then that one time they post that picture of their new car, you’re not thinking:

“Oh God, she’s at it again”

But you’re glad for their turn of luck, and happy they’ve achieved something. The most likeable people on social media are the ones who portray themselves as being human, and not just as pure success, beauty and wealth.

What About Social Media Celebrities?

That explanation doesn’t seem to cover mega-successful social media figures though, does it? The kind of people who just habitually display obscene wealth, and cliché selfies with a too much cleavage, to the applause and adoration of millions. That’s another thing altogether.

It could be put down to people’s desire to worship and be close to success, wealth, beauty and fame in a capitalist society, and following general social trends. Celebrity culture plays into this a lot, but that doesn’t make it any better for you.

If you’ve got a feed on your phone habitually showing you a huge range of wealthy lifestyle that you’re not lucky enough to be living, how is that going to make you feel, given enough time? Jealousy is always going to be the initial response, followed by self-doubt, and even hopelessness. Don’t follow the vapid social media kings and queens, it doesn’t benefit you, only them

What Do They Get Out of Social Media?

When I say they, I mean the vastly wealthy corporations running the various social medias. Why are they running these digital social hubs? Out of the goodness of their hearts maybe? Or maybe, as it’s been frequently theorised, as a simple new form of advertising.

The kind of advertising that knows all your personal information, location, age and gender, and can not only present you with adverts, but throw up a huge range of wealthy individuals enjoying the benefits of consumerism. Targeted, and insidious, and profiting from your desire to fix yourself and life with expensive products, social media does not have your best interests at heart, sadly.
Do you really want yourself plugged into that? While it does all sound like a conspiracy theory, a little too tinfoil hat, just take a look at the ads when you next go on Facebook. How does it know you were just looking at shoes or booking a holiday?

Break Away From it All

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but if you’re suffering from depression, or any other mental health or wellness issues, it’s time to delete the accounts. It’s time to get out more, and experience people, and pour effort into valuable pursuits, instead of hours whiled away, studying the false lives of others. Same story if you’re struggling to get vital aspects of your life done.

If you can’t outright delete your accounts, try a month away from them. If you can’t do that, try only accessing your social media once or twice a day, at set times. You will definitely see an improvement in your life.