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What brought me “happiness” was going out with all the neighbors and enjoying a barbecue in the community park or going to school the next day and being embraced by all of my friends.

This type of “kindness” and these pleasures in life gave me more joy than the things I owned before ever could. Click To Tweet

From that moment on I lived a bit differently. I didn’t buy a big new wardrobe instead I bought essential pieces that I know I would wear all the time. I didn’t buy more shoes or more “things”. Rather I allowed myself to buy just enough items to make my room homey, but not overwhelming. It was freeing having less stuff. I somehow felt lighter. I was able to pack up all of my belongings into two suitcases. There was nothing holding me back at that point. The flood taught me how to let go of “things” and how to appreciate the small and simple things in my life.

The reason I told this story to you, my dear reader, was to show you how to be happy with simplicity. I wish for you to learn this lesson without the tragic flood or other natural disasters. Simplicity brings you to a point of clarity and “gratitude”. Don’t be scared to let go of some of the clothes you will never wear again, the unnecessary 20 pots in your kitchen, the books you will never read again, and the stuff you’ve had for years trying to convince yourself that one day you will care you kept them.

Simplicity doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. Once one gets rid of the things that aren’t important to them, they start to figure out what is. Click To Tweet

Think simplicity. Have room in your home to throw dance parties or space for yoga with your friends. Make room in your home, life, and heart for the real pleasures in life that will last a lifetime.