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Failing to look after your mental state is one of the worst things you can do. It’s so important to prioritise your mental state, because once you go into decline, it can be hard to pull it back up. Just simply taking the time out to make sure you’re getting what you need from yourself and people around you is key, essentially, ensuring that people around you know when your struggling, and keeping yourself ticking over properly.

Ambition and Greed

We live in a capitalist society; it’s extremely easy to get locked into a materialistic mindset, with all your focus centring on your next promotion or new car. That’s an alluring option, with clear gratification and acumen attached, but its empty calories, it never really fills you up, no matter how much you put into it.
That’s why you need to break away from this way of thinking, it’ll never truly satisfy you and you’ll forever be chasing a phantom, at the cost of your happiness, fulfilment and relationships.

Putting It Off

Too often nowadays you hear about people saying how it’s just going to be a few more years of a job they hate, and then they’re on to something better. Or, even worse, just another ten years and I get to retire.

Don’t get me wrong, delaying gratification and sacrificing your time can be an extremely positive thing, allowing you to achieve great successes. But putting off all the things that you love and want to achieve in your life for the sake of money, or acumen? That’s a wasted life.

Toxic Relationships

One of the biggest barriers to happiness is the company we keep. Did you know we’re all the average of the five people we spend the most time with? That means that if you’re spending a huge chunk of your time with someone who treats you badly, puts you down, and pushes you away from the things that really matter to you, that isn’t just going to upset you in the short-term, it’s going to have a massive knock-on effect in your life.

You need to break away from people who don’t increase your chance of succeeding and enjoying happiness, because it’s simply not worth your time, success or mental health.

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Taking the Easy Route

Despite what I said about the dangers of putting happiness off, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t struggle. Struggling to do something meaningful, something that means a lot to you, can be incredibly rewarding and a real path to happiness, but you miss out on that when you take the easy route.

Don’t take the easy route because it promises stability and security, shoot for the things you really care about, and risk hardship in favour of an end goal that really matters to you.
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