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I know, I know, kind of obvious, right? And who doesn’t shower? I was recently talking to someone who works in the mental health sector, and they always made a point of showering twice a day. Once in the morning to wake up, clean and get ready, and then once again in the evening, to wash away the day, and mentally bookend the day’s events.

Showering can provide a way to mentally and physically close one chapter of your life, and get ready to move into the next, even just one day at a time. Try cold showers too, they’ll boost your immune system, perk you up and get the endorphins flowing. You won’t be staying in a truly cold shower more than five minutes, let me tell you!

Step Away

If things aren’t going your way, or you’re just not satisfied with how your life is going, one of the very easiest and best things you can do is simply step away for a little while. I’m not talking six months backpacking in south-east Asia, I’m talking taking yourself away from it all and going for a quick walk.
Getting some physical and emotional distance from your typical haunts and lifestyle can be very helpful when it comes to building the kind of happiness everyone wants in their life.


Friendships are one of the most important things in life. People need to feel liked and accepted, and when you don’t, it can hugely affect your overall mental state.
If you’ve always been a social person, but have simply let your friendships fall by the wayside over the last few months or years, it’s time to organise a get-together, or simply give some badly missed friends a call. You’ll feel better.

If you’re not all that social, and you don’t have too many friends to call on, it’s a little harder, but not much. You just need to get out there. Put yourself into new spheres, and accept it when social occasions beckon. If you’re the kind of person who usually splutteringly turns people down when they say ‘let’s head out for drinks’, start taking people up on that offer.


You know what really leaves you feeling rubbish? Being dehydrated. Too few people drink the water they need to feel and operate healthily. Start drinking at least a litre or two a day, and you’ll feel healthier. Body and mind are so connected, that could see you stepping out of that rut, and getting on with your life.

Practice a Skill

Practicing a skill that you’ve neglected, like playing an instrument or cooking can be a great way to get those neural pathways exploding again. You get the warm combination of feeling competent, while potentially learning new things.

The benefits of learning new stuff in adulthood are huge. Too often, people simply let themselves stagnate, and stop developing. If you keep learning a skill, not only will you get better at that skill, you’ll feel better in general. Practise only has to be five minutes a day, too!

Leave that Comfort Zone

You know what’s really bad for you? Sitting in your comfort zone, all day, every day. You never have any real challenges, you never have to check your ego or push yourself. You’re stagnating, in the worst way possible. If you’re finding yourself overly comfortable in life, it’s time to start going new places and trying new things.

People mistake comfort for happiness sometimes. It really isn’t. Comfort is something you need to challenge, because it’s a pale substitute for true contentment and happiness, and you can only achieve that through getting out there.